mycelium technology

we incorporate biomimicry's philosophy, where one organism's waste material becomes another one raw material. we use recycled agricultural waste in order to create mycelium wall coverings!

these days many materials are produced using mineral binders (cement, lime, gypsum) or artificial binders (polymer resins and adhesives) - planet-polluting materials with a high carbon footprint.

we are opening a new path, bringing relief to the environment. in order to create rigid and durable materials, instead of glues and binders, we use fungi’s root structure - mycelium. research has shown that mycelium performs the ability to create a self-grown, extremely strong, vast network that works like natural glue. under the right conditions, they bind loose parts of organic substrate allowing us to produce plastic-free and bio-based eco wall panels - fumo.

Fungi, Mutualism & Organic • the ideal blend for FUMO panels

  • fungi's mycelium

  • loose parts of organic substrate

  • FUMO panel

Fungi, the foundational element of Fumo wall covering panels, play a pivotal role in their creation. Through mutualism, fungi form a harmonious partnership with other organisms, ultimately resulting in an organic, eco-friendly product.

This synergy brings to life our mycelium panels, where fungi thrive in a mutualistic relationship with organic materials, leading to a sustainable and biodegradable solution that enhances your living spaces while championing environmental well-being.