what is mycelium?

mycelium is a root-like structure of a mushroom. it functions as a natural glue and can transform natural waste into solid bio-composites that can replace plastics and other CO2 emitting materials.

is mycelium safe for human?

we use selected fungal strains, to grow our mycelium wall panels, that are totally safe for humans and for the environment.

can panels be used outdoors?

fumo panels are designed for interior use only. they are not intended for outdoor use.

can panels be installed in bathroom?

although fumo panels are moisture resistant, we advertise against installation in humid environments like bathrooms to preserve their durability.

how to install fumo panels to the wall?

fumo panels are provided with their own easy-to-mount system that allows you to keep the certain distance between the panel and the wall. Alternatively, you can use traditional commercial glue if you prefer to mount them directly on the wall. please contact us at fumopanels@gmail.com to learn more or ask specific questions.

can I order a custom design?

our team is more than happy to work on custom designs and take on larger projects. we invite you to contact us directly via email fumopanels@gmail.com

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